The Homebrewer Outreach & Preservation Society (H.O.P.S) of Vermont is a homebrew club in the Tunbridge/South Royalton area.  Its mission is to brew tasty beverages and help others learn about the beauty of brewing one’s own beer.

The group is made up of men and women in the area.  The club meets to do many of the following things:

  • Taste homebrew-analysis/education
  • Plan pot-lucks
  • Have food themes for meetings with the homebrew to match
  • Compare, taste and rate commercial beers
  • Arrange inter-club homebrew tastings
  • Exchange recipes
  • Maintain community equipment (brewkettles, mashtuns, malt grinders, wine press, etc.)
  • Inspire picnics, festivals, feasts, banquets, parties
  • Organize homebrew seminars and classes
  • Demonstrate techniques and gadgetry
  • Take field trips to breweries, wineries, malt mills
  • Organize homebrew competitions
  • Arrange parallel brews (identical brews with one factor varied — hops, yeast, sugars, brewers)
  • “Iron Brew” competitions based on a single ingredient
  • much more!